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Whilst we try and rehabilitate as many of our birds as possible, some birds are so badly injured, or unable to care for themselves that release is impossible. We are therefore committed to making their stay with us as comfortable and as natural as possible, but this of course takes a great deal of time and money.

Would you like to help our birds? You can help us continue to care for our sick and injured raptors in several ways:



Financial assistance is vital if we are to continure offering high standards of care and rehabilitation for our raptors. Numbers – and costs – are increasing every year and we can only exist through the goodwill and assistance of our supporters. Please consider a donation, now matter how small. All funds will be used to help give these unfortunate birds the best possible chance of recovery and return to their natural environment, or the best possible quality of life in our centre.

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A Standing Order

Financial assistance is vital to us. Use our Standing Order Form to set up a regular payment to help support us in our work with birds of prey.


Help in Kind

The centre always needs food and shelter for its residents. We also need materials, equipment and assistance with travel to recover and release our birds, and to help spread the message. Our need of a new purpose built hospital has finally been met and will be operational in the spring of 2009, Our next focus is on a defrosting unit and food preperation area, if you can offer a product or service which may be of use, then please contact the centre.

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