About us

We are a small, highly specialised centre dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and mistreated birds of prey.

These birds are often called ‘raptors’ stemming from the Latin word ‘rapere’ meaning to attack and sieze, an action all these birds do when catching their prey.

The centre operates extensively with organisations such as the RSPCA, local veterinary practices, Lancashire & Yorkshire Constabulary and increasingly, members of the public.

Every year we receive many birds. Spring and early summer is of course our busiest time, mostly with chicks or young birds inexperienced in hunting having recently been left by their parents, clumsily crashing into something whilst trying to hunt. These chicks and juvenile birds are provided with a safe controlled environment that enables them to develop without becoming socially imprinted on people, thus enabling them to be successfully returned to their natural habitat.

Birds that have only minor injuries are released as soon as feasible and whenever possible returned to the area were they were found.

Unfortunately, we see many mistreated birds, either physically or mentally and these individuals normally spend a longer period of time with us, some because the psychological damage is irreversible (imprinting), making it impossible to return them to the wild due to their reliance on humans for their survival. Increasingly, there are many captive bred, non native birds that cannot be released as it is against the law to do so because of the potential damage of upsetting the natural balance of our own unique wildlife

Thankfully the majority are returned to the wild where they can be of a benefit to their species.

Corio Raptor Care is committed to the conservation of raptors in Great Britain through our work in rehabilitation and education, helping groups of all ages learn about raptors and how they have been persecuted and misunderstood in the past.

The running of the centre is a costly business, we are a non profit making organisation and do not receive grants from larger organisations, nor are we government funded.

Corio Raptor Care is staffed solely by volunteers.

Due to the nature of our work, we are not open to the public.